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  • Paperback
  • 276
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • André Aciman
  • Italian
  • 13 January 2020
  • 9788860889836

André Aciman Ì 4 Summary

Free download ð Call Me By Your Name 104 N arrivo da New York per lavorare alla sua tesi di post dottorato Ma Oliver il giovane americano subito conuista tutti con la sua bellezza e i modi disinvolti uasi sfacciati Anche Elio ne è irretitoI due ragazzi condividono conversazioni appassionate su libri e film discussioni sulle loro comuni origini ebraiche e poi nuotate mattutine partite a tennis. If I could have him like this in my dreams every night of my life I d stake my entire life on dreams and be done with the rest This book has been on my to read list for a few years but now that the film is set to be released I believed it was time to get going and pick it up once and for all From what I had seen of the film that is shirtless Armie Hammer and not much else because I wanted to read the book before even watching the trailer and from what I had heard about the book I was up for a promising and exciting read Oh and a gay one tooTo be blunt I expected More emotion most of all Longing and sexual frustration dominated most of the novel but I was looking for dramatic heartbreak and high emotions Maybe a tear or two Maybe I didn t connect enough with Elio the main character Sometimes I even disliked him Then again I understood his aching and longing for a guy that seemed so very much out of reachWhat bothered me most was the highbrow narrative style the thousands upon thousands of cultural references to literature music and art I felt like someone had slapped me with a travelling guide and a Latin dictionary over and over again It seemed pretentious and took away my interest in the novelThe writing was beautiful at times and overwhelming at others Sentences were much too long and seemed never ending Pretentious againI can t decide if I want to give this two or three stars I might change the rating again later It s not that I disliked the novel on the contrary sometimes it was like a dream Italian food prepared by a personal cook strolling on the beach lazing around in the sun handsome and interesting people around night and day The openness with which Aciman wrote the gay sex scenes surprised me positively But especially towards the end it almost bored me for reasons that I already mentioned aboveHowever I have high hopes for the film adaption It has the chance to develop the feelings and the relationship between Elio and Oliver much better and to actually make me feel somethingFind of my books on Instagram

characters Call Me By Your NameCall Me By Your Name

Free download ð Call Me By Your Name 104 Corse in bici e passeggiate in paese E tra loro nasce un desiderio inesorabile uanto inatteso La scoperta di uei giorni estivi e sospesi in Riviera e di un’afosa notte romana è uella irripetibile di un’intimità totale assoluta Perché l’intensità la forza di uell’esperienza l’autenticità di uei sentimenti sono destinate a rimanere insuperat. How wonderful it is when you find a forever bookWe re all Elio aren t we

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Free download ð Call Me By Your Name 104 Vent’anni fa un’estate in Riviera Elio ha diciassette anni e per lui sono appena iniziate le vacanze nella splendida villa di famiglia nel Ponente ligure Figlio di un brillante professore universitario musicista sensibile decisamente colto per la sua età Elio aspetta come ogni anno «l’ospite dell’estate l’ennesima scocciatura» uno studente i. I ve put off writing this review for far too long because I m afraid I won t do the book justice I want to write a review that makes everyone drop what they re doing and start reading Call Me by Your Name immediatelyReading the other reviews I find a lot of polarization about Aciman s writing style which I loved Some people find him pretentious while others find his prose bordering on poetic I definitely fall in the latter categoryMost books are read for a good story and I understand that but other books like this one are read for the enjoyment of language What I mean by that is that a great many of the sentences in this book can be read and enjoyed all on their own because they re so beautifully written Aciman has obviously labored over his phrasing to the point that I found myself often stopping to reread a sentence a few times and just luxuriate in the warm bath of wordsThe story itself is great because it really has the ring of truth The characters in this book are far from perfect and sometimes infuriating I won t discuss plot other than to say that it is bittersweet and just real I think any gay man will see his young self in the protagonistSo in summary read this book