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  • Paperback
  • 228
  • Fire on the Water
  • Joe Dever
  • English
  • 01 August 2018
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Read & Download Fire on the Water Download Ú PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ä Joe Dever Joe Dever Ä 6 Read Magnamund that can save your people the Sommerswerd the sword of the sun Ahead of lie terrible dangers ferocious seastorms the tunnel of Tarnalin and the ghostly death hulks of Vonotar the Traitor Use your skills wisely for only. I always found the Lone Wolf series to spin an interesting enough yarn but to fall far short of the vivid and intense experience offered by Fighting FantasyThis second book in the series is a good read and the story is much much better than the slightly damp suib that was the first book It benefits from the sense of continuity following directly on from Flight From the Dark and allowing the reader s character to progress as a result of his experiencesThis book has much much plot than volume 1 However the rationale for that plot is a little weak and thin Basically your besieged kingdom once loaned the Sommerswerd the only weapon capable of slaying a Darklord and saving the capital city to a neighbouring city who promised to give it back if it was ever needed Makes no sense to give up your only defence in my opinion Nor does it make any sense that only this single weapon and no other in the entire world can save you now Even if it was a hugely costly magical device you d invest every penny and have every wizard in the kingdom working on making of them if it was so essentialAnyhow I digress Lone Wolf is naturally the only person capable of recovering the Sommerswerd so he s sent packing on a ship to collect itThe book actually makes a really decent job of representing the long and hazardous journey There are troubles and sabotage at sea resulting in you being left clinging to a piece of driftwood Then you may or may not get robbed and need to recover your essential items A journey by carriage ensues with an assassin among your fellow passengers on the coach This aspect and the subtle visual clue hidden in one of the illustrations rather than the text which ultimately identities the assassin is very well handledYou then make your way across country pursued by Helghast like Nazgul but with worse complexions who can only be harmed by magical weapons Finally you are given the Sommerswerd by the neighbouring king and sent back home with a war fleet This naturally is attacked by a fleet of death hulks manned by undead crews But what do you know If you manage to leap aboard their flagship and single handedly kills its crew and scuttle it all the others will sink too It s a jarring moment that detracts from the sense of real danger but the section does at least read well and keep the excitement flowingThen you arrive back home stand in a watchtower and simply send out a ray of power from the Sommerwerd which incinerates the Darklord leading the enemy army in his tent and makes all his soldiers run away Call me a cynic but this which should have been the climax of the book where I was hoping for a large scale battle climaxing with a duel against the Darklord was utterly ludicrous and entirely laughable I wonder had Joe Dever reached the limit of his page countThe book also punishes the reader for being honourable You need a magic spear to get past an unskippable encounter with Helghast But when you first find the spear your Sixth Sense skill if you have it seems to warn you off taking it Then when you do figure out on a later playthrough that you re supposed to take the thing if you give it to an ally to protect himself while he guards your back the Helghast will kill you Instead our brave hero is supposed to say Sod you you ll have to fend for yourself my skin is important Hooray selfishness rules Who needs Darklords when Lone Wolf is your ally Your skills are also occasionally ignored when it is convenient for the plot to do so I can t believe that anyone of Lone Wolf s status with the Sixth Sense skill could possibly have been fooled overpowered and robbed by the fishermen This is bad plottingIt also has to be said that the Sommerswerd is way way overpowered I suspect this will be adjusted in later books in the series by simply boosting the stats of enemies In which case what is the point of its wondrous powers in the first placeI have serious niggles with this book but it does succeed in conveying the sense of a perilous journey being hunted by assassins and worse The sense of being part of an epic unfolding adventure that progresses through the series of books is also compelling Deeply flawed and definitely the weakest of the series of gamebooks I m currently revisiting but readable and enjoyable for all that

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Read & Download Fire on the Water Download Ú PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ä Joe Dever Joe Dever Ä 6 Read You are Lone Wolf last of the Kai Lords Bitter War rages through your homeland as the evil Darklords of the west lay siege to the capitalFIRE ON THE WATER The King has sent you on a desperate journey to retrieve the only power in. Want to play DD but you don t have any friends who want to play and no DM The Lone Wolf series is the answerThis is a direct seuel meaning the story is completed in this book to Lone Wolf 1 although you could feasibly start here if you wanted although it s fun to start at the beginning I imagineThere are no changes to the gaming system so the game play is mostly the same There are some new tricks the book has up its sleeve and the tone of the story is a little different I would say there s a heavier emphasis on survival and the gold coins become a serious factor I won t elaborate on any of this for fear of spoilersThere are also some pretty major tests in here I went in with both of my characters two characters two separate playthroughs being pretty well euipped and they still both took a pretty good beating This is definitely a level up from the previous bookThe gaming system reuires a d10 but I don t play it with physical dice I use the instead just for convenience rolling a physical die while sitting in the economy section of a 777 airliner just isn t practicalI highly highly recommend this book series for anyone who enjoys RPG

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Read & Download Fire on the Water Download Ú PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ä Joe Dever Joe Dever Ä 6 Read You can save your land from the devastation of the DarklordsThe LONE WOLF adventures are a uniue interactive fantasy series each episode can be played separately or you can combine them all to create a fantastic role playing epi. So after the challenge of the first book in the series I decided to continue on with this geekdom This one seems reasonable until you get to a spot that seems impossible This one took me 12 attempts The entire series free and online in a game book player here I know keeping track of my death count is not in the spirit of the bookgame probably but that s what s adding to the fun for me I need an occasional diversion while I work too Heh Book 1 10 attemptsBook 2 12 attempts