[PDF KINDLE] Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36 AUTHOR Margit Sandemo

  • Paperback
  • 252
  • Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36
  • Margit Sandemo
  • Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål
  • 05 January 2020
  • 9788250919686

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Read & Download Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36 104 Dobbelt så gammel som Christa og hadde dessuten hele syv sønner Da gikk tankene hennes heller til den fattige husmannsgutten Lindelo som det hvilte en forunderlig mystikk ov. Magical Moon Christa Lind of Ice People was choosen to be a mother of a special child When the right time will come it will put up the fight with Tengel the Evil himself Christa s step father wanted her to marry very religious widower Abel Gard But Abel was twice older than Christa and already had seven sons Christa s thoughts were absorbed by Lindelou handsome boy from a poor family Mysterious Lindelou had special mistic aura

characters Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36

Read & Download Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36 104 Description from the back of the bookSAGAEN OM ISFOLKET etterkommerne til den onde Tengel som hadde inngått en pakt med djevelenChrista Lind var utvalgt til å føde Isfolket. 45 StarsCouldn t put this book down

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Read & Download Trollmåne Sagan om Isfolket #36 104 S helt spesielle barn som med tiden skulle ta kampen opp mot selveste Tengel den ondeChristas stefar ville at hun skulle gifte seg med den kristne enkemannen Abel Men han var. I think it s fineHonestly the story ended much better than it started and I believe that this is due to that Sandemo especially in her later book in the Ice People Saga cannot create a complex antagonist All her bad or uncooperative characters are very flat in this case it s the main characters father who is both egocentric and lazy but not in a way that is in my opinion realisticOn the other hand the author goes to great length to show how complex and human her children the main characters of the Ice People family and the people in their surrounding areSPOILER BELOWI felt that the story got much interesting once Christa s father passed away and she no longer had to be bound by a character that limited her