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  • Why Am I Different? (Concept Books)
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  • 08 October 2019
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Read & Download æ Why Am I Different? (Concept Books) Seeing everything in gray boring Being different makes the world a colorful and exciting plac. Summary This book is about children who are different and it talks about what is different in each and everyone one of them It talks about how children can all look different in sizes hair color skin color or eye color It goes on to talk about the differences in food children eat and different homes family and what animals they have It shows contrast between people and how it is okay to be different because people will accept you and will like you for who you are and not what your differences are At the end it says that we are all different but also alike and if everyone was the same no one would like that It ends by saying I am different and so are you That s good Theme I think the theme in this story is acceptance of others and being okay in your own skin and with the life you live It shows many examples of people who are different and most children can connect to the children in some way whether it be their skin color or what animals they have Rating I would rate this book a 4 I think it is important for children to understand people are different and that we all come from different places but can all still be friends Personal Response I remember in elementary school when bullying started and we always talked about how it was okay to be different I used to get made fun of for being smaller than everyone else and it constantly hurt my feelings I think it is a good thing to teach children young that people are different and it is not okay to make fun of them The book explains that everyone is different my second grade teacher used to always say everyone is different and it s okay because everyone is still friends Recommendation I would recommend this book to teachers working with young children and parents They could use this book to help teach kids before they are in the school setting that not everyone is like them It gives a lot of good examples of children at school and is very relatable to most children

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Read & Download æ Why Am I Different? (Concept Books) Some people can't eat chocolate and some are good at whistling Some people are tall some are s. 3 4 contemporary realistic Often times children shy away from groups because they may not like the same things or have different beliefs but this story beautifully explains that it s okay to be different because we all are I feel the really gains children s respect to a story

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Read & Download æ Why Am I Different? (Concept Books) Hort People want different things for their birthdays If we were all the same it would be like. The intent of this book is nice but it definitely a product of the 70 s