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  • 02 May 2020
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Thraxas by Martin Scott Characters è 0 Review Thraxas by Martin Scott Ld of elves Orcs and mean streets Under his own name he has written many highly praised mainstream novels The Guardian called his newest novel Suzy Led Zeppelin and Me brilliant and the London Times raved that it is one of the few great rock novels Millar has been compared to Kurt Vonnegut and Armistead Maupin and The Edinburgh Times calls him one of Britain's most gifted underground write. I enjoyed this book but didn t particularly feel compelled to read it Part of the problem is that it can be very hard to set up a whole new world without exposition and information overload at times That said the characters are likable believable and interesting and I did want to find out about them I ve already read the second story and plan to read the restA fun read if not overly compelling with a world worth exploring

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Thraxas by Martin Scott

Thraxas by Martin Scott Characters è 0 Review Thraxas by Martin Scott Tasy Award and Thraxas' adventures are an international hit having been published in France Japan Russia the Netherlands Germany the Czech Republic and Poland Now Americans can find out what they've been missing Martin Scott is the pseudonym under which Martin Millar writes his humorous fantasy adventures about Thraxas the sybaritic overweight private eye and man of action in a fantasy wor. Too cutesy too DD too much telling instead of showing Meh

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Thraxas by Martin Scott Characters è 0 Review Thraxas by Martin Scott Key Selling Points Combining action and humor Thraxas will appeal to readers of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series Piers Anthony's Xanth series Eric Flint's Philosophical Strangler novels and Harry Turtledove's humorous fantasies as well as anyone who thought that The Lord of the Rings would have benefited from an occasional pie in the face The first Thraxas novel won the coveted World Fan. First posted at Fantasy Review BarnIf I were a humorous writer I would make an incredibly witty joke about how excited I was to read a new Discworld book when I picked up Thraxas Unfortunately I don t have anything witty lined up so I will just move on with the reviewMartin Scott is the pen name for Martin Millar whose works I have enjoyed for uite a while This book is not unknown it won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 2000 But at least for me it proved to be hard to find until recently released in E book format I was immediately struck by two things it was very short and the aforementioned similarities to Discworld Much like Discworld the author takes a trope filled world and bends it slightly So Thraxas is a private investigator in the city of Turai a typical fantasy city with all the trappings criminal guilds magicians even a dragon in the zoo He is an overweight man but well aware of it He is also a surprising man still fearsome in a fight and a competent PI His major failings are being a bad gambler and a mediocre sorcerer he can only memorize one major spell at a time something Pratchett played with early in Discworld and abandoned He never turns into the bumbling idiot played for amusement His best friend and sometimes body guard is a pretty bikini chainmail wearing girl with orc elven and human heritage named Makri Of course she wears the bikini chainmail because the bar she works at has a barbarian theme she wouldn t be caught dead in it in an actual fightwhere she would prefer full body leather armor One would expect her to be a possible love interest for our hero Thraxas but no she is much interested in her studies at the university and involvement in a guild for women s advancement The plot is a fairly interesting mystery tale with Traxas taking on multiple cases in order to gain enough money to pay off a gambling debt Along the way he runs into rogue magicians top assassins a princess and lots of dope dealers He pieces together the puzzle has some adventures fights a nasty dragon and runs into an old adversary is a lot tougher than he remembers Nothing revolutionary the author sticks with all the fantasy basics This doesn t affect the book negatively at all it actually keeps the book moving uickly no info dumps neededThe book is incredibly short and moves very uickly Compared to later works like Lonely Werewolf Girl it is downright simple But the short story is entertaining the humor is subtle and I hope the next EIGHT books in the series are just as good4 stars Nothing revolutionary but highly enjoyable Side note Despite the Pratchett comparisons I made the book is even accessible than Discworld and the humor is subtle So please don t think the author was aping Pratchett his writing style has a uniue voice