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  • Across the Alley
  • Richard Michelson
  • English
  • 10 March 2020
  • 9780399239700

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Across the Alley Download É 109 Row a real big league slider and Abe gives Willie his violin to try out Then one night Abe's grandfather catches them will Abe and Willie have the courage to cross the alley and reveal their friendship du. This book caught my eye at the library and tells the story of two boys across the alley in separate apartments in old time Brooklyn when the population is changing from predominantly Jewish to African American They talk mostly about baseball but Abe also plays the violin must practice like Willie must practice pitching There are some nice moments when everything comes together happily and the watercolors by EB Lewis are beautiful This could be used to talk about cultural differences and compromise as well as inclusion instead of exclusion It s also a great mentor text about story organization

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Across the Alley Download É 109 Abe and Willie live across the alley from each other Willie is black and Abe is Jewish and during the day they don't talk But at night they open their windows and are best friends Willie shows Abe how to th. So this book had a really great theme in it and great lessons for everyone It talked about race and religion and how it shouldn t keep us apart It also talked about how even though we are born into a specific race or religion it doesn t mean that we should be good at the activities that that group tends to excel at This book is all about not putting people into boxesSadly this book was very confusing at the beginning and it took myself and my students a long time to figure out what the book was trying to get at

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Across the Alley Download É 109 Ring the day Like the bestselling The Other Side E B Lewis's striking atmospheric watercolors bring to life a moving story of baseball and music and how two young people try to bridge the divide of prejudic. Bold and beautiful Richard Michelson s Across the Alley address both anti semitism and racism in a way that children can understand and in a way that can still touch teenagers Young Willie s dad is a baseball coach and he is on the baseball team across the alley in Brooklyn New York his neighbor Abe a young Jewish boy has been playing the violin seemingly all his life The two boys end up exchanging hobbies through the windows in their apartments and shake the foundations of discrimination with their friendship Yesterday was World Read Aloud Day and I ended up reading this book to my middle school students You might think that middle schoolers would be bored to death having to read a kid s book but these students had a special connection to this book they re all Jewish They were enchanted It reminded me of when I would read out loud when I taught 1st grade and all of the students would be enrapt by the pictures in the books Well my students didn t seem to care too much about the pictures any but they cared a lot about the story The pictures were beautiful thoughIt was validating for them as well as eye opening too It s easy to think that it s just your group that is being discriminated and focus on that but when an author can bring two discriminated groups together tell a story that isn t about one struggle but multiple well that is bridging the gap between us all