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  • The Chamber
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  • 06 December 2019
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Free read The Chamber · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Former Klansman and unrepentant racist now facing the death penalty for a fatal bombing in 1967 He has run out of chances except for one the young liberal Chicago lawyer who just happens to be his grandsonWhile the executioners prepare the gas chamber whi. Just finished rereading this amazing book This isn t one of Grisham s popular stories however this book was a life transforming experience for me Two issues this book forced me to deal with on my first reading in 1994 1 How can people any people Cluckers KKK the Taliban street gangsFred Phelps and congregation boy soldiers of Sierra Leone contract killers even bullies et al be so cruel and mean and hateful Where is compassion How did they miss that piece of life How could even members of my own family be so racist all from Arkansas 2Do I truly oppose the death penalty or do I just tout that I oppose the death penaltyGood to read this again and be reminded of my own compassion and convictions Pps 400 401 are the magic ones for me Adam looking at the picture of Sam his grandfather at 15 celebrating the lynching of a black man with neighbors and family He studied the clear beautiful eyes of his grandfather and his heart ached He was just a boy born and reared in a household where hatred of blacks and others was simply a way of life How much of it could be blamed on him Look at those around him his father family friends and neighbors all probably honest poor hardworking people caught for the moment at the end of a cruel ceremony that was commonplace in their society Sam didn t have a chance This was the only world he knew would Adam have been right there in the middle of them if he had been born forty years earlier How is God s world could Sam Cayhall have become anything other than himselfCertainly that is not the answer in every circumstance there is still the nature or nurture uestion But this book cemented my own understanding of situatedness and has informed my compassionate self assisted in transforming my spiritual sense to a place of understanding Not every time of course but oftenAnd the death penalty Absolutely not No gas chamber no lethal injection no firing suad However I always add this caveat I have never had a loved one who has been a victim of a capital crime I would hope that my convictions would remain if that were ever the case

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Free read The Chamber · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Le the protesters gather and the TV cameras wait Adam has only days hours minutes to save his client For between the two men is a chasm of shame family lies and secrets including the one secret that could save Sam Cayhall's life or cost Adam his back cove. Typically I am a Sci fiFantasy reader with a smattering of historical fiction thrown in Really I ll read just about anything but I have weakness for fairy tales So when my dad recommended this book to me and went as far as to buy it and give it to me I was like okay But I decided to give it a chance because it s a book and I like booksAnd my response was Wow I have read very few things as heart stirring and thought provoking as this book Who could like a KKK member Murdering people is ALWAYS bad right And shouldn t people who murder people die Before I read this book I would have said not me yes and yes to each of those uestions respectively Now though I would say it depends yes and I don t know I learned a lot about humanity I also learned that the best ending isn t always the happiest one Wow This book is good No matter what your typical genre is take a break and give this book a chance

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Free read The Chamber · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In the corridors of Chicago's top law firm Twenty six year old Adam Hall stands on the brink of a brilliant legal career Now he is risking it all for a death row killer and an impossible caseMaximum Security Unit Mississippi State Prison Sam Cayhall is a. Look at me he said glancingdown at his legs A wretched old man in a red monkey suit A convicted murderer aboutto be gassed like an animal And look at you A fine young man with a beautifuleducation and a bright future Where in the world did I go wrong What happened to meI ve spent mylife hating people and look what I have to show for it You you don t hate anybody Andlook where you re headed We have the same blood Why am I here Oh My GodFantastic