The Royal Captive [E–pub Free]

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Summary ¸ The Royal Captive Must now become a sex slave in his enemy camp He will be stripped bound punished humiliated and used in ways he would never have imagined But Prince Miro plans to escape and in the process assassinate King Jai Can he d.

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Summary ¸ The Royal Captive In a world ruled by the sword and brute strength Prince Miro battles his father’s archenemy King Jai He is soundly defeated Instead of killing him King Jai demands the stunningly handsome prince as tribute Prince Miro.

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Summary ¸ The Royal Captive O it Story contains anal sex bondage double penetration escape gay humiliation multiple partners oral sex punishment romance sex slave3 books in 1 Prince Miro's Capture Prince Miro's Submission Prince Miro's Enslavement.

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  • 23 February 2018
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