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  • Voyage de noces
  • Patrick Modiano
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  • 07 October 2020
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Voyage de noces Download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Calatorie de nunta se construieste in jurul cautarii identitatii si reconstituirii memoriei doua dintre temele majore ale operei lui Modiano Ajungind la Milano Jean B un realizator de documentare in virsta de patruzeci de ani afla pe neasteptate ca o femeie s a sinucis chiar in hotelul unde. I really enjoyed this story by France s 2014 winner of the Nobel prize I found the story riveting in the sense that I could have read it in a sitting although I didn tThe main character has what many folks especially young people would consider a dream job he travels around the world with a crew making documentary films They are finishing up a project in Brazil and for the next one they will trace the route of 1931 auto expedition across Asia Yet he s disillusioned by this work and feels the need to grow up Some of his disillusionment is surely related to his marital situation He knows his wife is having an affair with one of the crew and she knows he knows On and off they try to get back together even though it seems he doesn t hold her in very high esteem At one point she writes him a note and he thinks and what would their marriage counselor think of this On the envelopeI recognized one of the ualities I most admired in my wife the beautiful big handwriting of the illiterate that she was An intermediary sent by his wife tells him She s afraid you re going to involve her in an adventure that leads nowhereShe told me that she isn t twenty any The real story begins while he s in a hotel in Milan He happens to hear from the concierge that a French woman from Paris had committed suicide in the hotel last night When he returns to Paris he learns about the event and he realizes that he knew this woman and her husband twenty years ago when he was a youth back packing across Europe The woman who killed herself was about twenty years older than the young man She was a teen ager during WW II and the Nazi occupation of France Although the boy and the woman were not lovers he seems obsessed with her now that she is gone He recalls that The contact of her arm and shoulder gave me an impression I had never yet had that of finding myself under someone s protection She would be the first person who could help me The woman s death triggers something in him He disappears when he was supposed to be flying with the crew to Rio He leaves no word with his wife or friends And he has no other family He hides out in suburban Paris and starts tracking down her life and writing a biography of her which he had actually started and set aside long before her death We imagine it might eventually turn into a documentary He goes through old records and newspaper articles tracking down where she lived So I don t introduce any spoilers I won t reveal what he finds out about her other than that she and her father a doctor were underground in Paris during the Nazi occupation The author never tells us specifically why but he gives us enough clues to uickly figure it outThere is good writing and humor Here s a scene when he is hanging out on the patio at the house of the woman and her husband in Provence and they are trying to avoid pesky neighbors If they come right up to us we ll just have to pretend to be asleep he the husband saidAnd if they tap us on the shoulder to wake us up I askedWell in that case we ll pretend to be dead she the wife said Some of Modiano s writing is uasi autobiographical Apparently a recurring theme in his novels is a young man whose parents sent him off to boarding schools to get rid of him as is the case in this story This was true of Modiano himself It s recalled in a line made by the woman after she and her husband picked him up hitchhiking When I saw you by the side of the road this morning I wondered whether you had parents A good story and a fairly uick read almost a novella But I should also say it s my preference to give this a 5 the overall GR rating is 37 good but not great Top photo of Paris by Steve Whiston from gettyimagescomPhoto of Nazi occupied Paris from apitimecomThe author from wikimediaorgwikipediacommons

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Voyage de noces Download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ilor nazisti Astfel scoate treptat la iveala o viata secreta plina de indoieli si incertitudini petrecuta din ascunzatoare in ascunzatoare Deconstructia cronologica a biografiei personajelor la care Modiano exceleaza ii lasa cititorului placerea de a reface parcursul liniar al existentei lor. Honeymoon is an especially puzzling Patrick Modiano novel Brief but dense it rewards careful reading and perhaps even immediate rereading Honeymoon is best read for its moody remembrances and less for the twists and turns of its plot which moves back and forth over several decades As sometimes with Modiano novels Honeymoon s time frame confuses In Honeymoon Modiano gives us Jean a documentary filmmaker and explorer newly uestioning his marriage his profession his life Escaping from his life in Paris Jean finds himself in Milan and remembers reading eighteen years ago in the Corriere della Sera of the suicide of Ingrid Rigaud n e Teyrsen on an August 15th when she was forty five years of age Feeling the threads of his own life unravel Jean seeks understanding in trying to unravel the threads of Ingrid s life and the mystery of the motives behind her suicide What a strange idea to come and commit suicide here when friends are waiting for you in Capri What caused her to do it I might never know As typical of Modiano s principal characters Jean becomes obsessed with the lives of the Rigauds and especially of Ingrid trying to recreate how they lived separately and together in the C te d Azur the Midi in America and in Paris Jean even rents the Paris apartment that they lived Jean s unmoored from his life and feels a kinship with the long dead and eually unmoored Ingrid as he imagines her Circumstances and settings are of no importance One day this sense of emptiness and remorse submerges you Then like a tide it ebbs and disappears But in the end it returns in force and she couldn t shake it off Nor could I Modiano s novels serve as vehicles for his meditations about life memories and time and especially so in Honeymoon Here s Jean musing about biography but even basically about how to understand lives I felt a vague twinge of remorse has a biographer the right to suppress certain details under the pretext that he considers them superfluous Or do they all have their importance and must he present them one after the other impartially so that not a single one is left out as in the inventory of a distraint Unless the line of a life once it has reached its terms purges itself of all its useless and decorative elements In which case all that remains is the essential the blanks the silences and the pauses And here s Jean on memory I couldn t help it I couldn t entirely share their lightheartedness and joie de vivre I was somewhere else in another summer and distant and with time the light of that summer underwent a curious transformation far from fading like old over exposed photos the contrasts of sun and shade became so accentuated that I recall everything in black and white And Jean on time The past and the present merge in my mind through a phenomenon of superimposition That s where the malaise musts come from It s a malaise that I don t only feel in a state of solitude as today but at all our fourteenth of July parties Honeymoon should reward the Modiano fan and the careful reader and may frustrate other readers seeking clarity and a straight forward plot

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Voyage de noces Download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S a instalat el Intrigat descopera ca i a cunoscut nu numai pe femeie ci si pe sotul ei cu douazeci de ani in urma si misterul destinului lor ajunge sa l obsedeze Hotaraste sa mearga pe urmele acestei perechi care in timpul razboiului fusese nevoita sa se refugieze permanent din fata ocupant. Another slender tale of memories mystery and poignant nostalgia from the 2014 Nobel recipient that is well within the realms of reading in one sitting I did it in two as I needed a coffee Croissant fix and right from the off there is something beguiling about how Modiano opens the story Jean the aging documentary film maker and narrator a stop over in Milan and the suicide of a French woman who he finds out was known to him when he was twenty In a sudden move he returns to Paris instead of flying to Rio on Business and in the suburbs begins in a sporadic dreamy state of mind to piece together the life of Ingrid Teyrsen the woman who took her own lifeJean investigating her disappearance has now become a disappeared person himself This is classic Modiano territory and he does owe a lot to both sleuth hound fiction and film noir He has a knack of creating these atmospheric and achingly tender narratives with the puzzle like effect of being stuck in a house of mirrors As the story slowly opens up Jean learns of a time during World War II occupied Paris when sixteen year old Ingrid meets and falls in love with Rigaud a young man who shelters her after she didn t return home after curfew At some point they fled Paris for the Riviera and with false papers made out they were newly weds on their HoneymoonAs this was France during the occupation a world of shifting identities and mysterious hidden agendas the couple are careful who to trust not attract unwanted attention And this is when Jean would enter their lives Again Modiano emphasizes that what interests him the most is not the clear and obvious actions but the gaps in people s lives The parts that can be difficult to account forJean is trying to imagine or reconstruct a lost world that is simply an obsession to him but alas he also knows that the task has a high probability of failureThis was my fifth Modiano and four of them this one included felt like a different variation on the same story Not that I m complaining it s just that the earlier ones especially Missing Person which I think is a masterpiece seeped into my consciousness on a deeper level Despite the caffeine this one kind of went in and out again If only it has been the first 35 stars