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  • Don’t Tell Anyone Literary Smut
  • Ian Rosales Casocot
  • English
  • 06 June 2018
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Ian Rosales Casocot ✓ 8 Free read

Ian Rosales Casocot ✓ 8 Free read Don’t Tell Anyone Literary Smut Free read ↠ 108 Itation and obsession and eventually take the reader with them as they reel from heartbreakWhether you consider straight sex ‘the real thing’ or are among the LGBT community that is hungry for a true account of Filipino gay and lesbian loving one thing this collection and its characters do over and over without exhaustion is to keep on tryin. Very explicit artistic words were made with feels and situation of the characters felt like it was realWas reading this for my thesis purposes but as I read it I have found these short stories compilation interesting and somewhat relatable to those who were the victims of love most especially in homosexuality Because of this book I finally understood on how they behave and interact with one another I fully recommend everyone to check this one out because the stories will melt you down to the intense feels whether if you re straight or a gaylesbianbisexual etc

Summary Don’t Tell Anyone Literary Smut

Don’t Tell Anyone Literary Smut

Ian Rosales Casocot ✓ 8 Free read Don’t Tell Anyone Literary Smut Free read ↠ 108 If sex remains taboo in the Philippines gay and lesbian sex is still even unspoken “How do you do it” is still the most common uestion ueer Pinoys get Even after that uestion is answered there is still the popular notion that only heterosexual sex is ‘the real thing’ and anything else is just a deviation or an attempt to replicate the ma. Local erotica at its best Erotica aims to arouse your senses To titillate Fine But this book is than that This is literary The writings of Casocot and Sison are flawless Crisp Elouent yet definitely shameless The stories the words hit you in the groin as well as up there in your head In her introduction of the book Sison mentioned that this could be the book that you will hide to everyone while reading bury under your bed and wrap its cover with plain paper This is unnecessary or even unforgivable Books like this are no longer smut these days Gone were the days when porn at home are your father s and it is somewhere in a locked cabinet Now porn is just a click away Hiding this kind of book is making the works of Anais Nin and James Baldwin inaccessible to Filipinos Based on what I read Casocot and Sison are

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Ian Rosales Casocot ✓ 8 Free read Don’t Tell Anyone Literary Smut Free read ↠ 108 Le female dynamic of human contactThis book makes up for this history of invalidation An unprecedented dirty dozen Sison’s and Casocot’s stories are direct and unflinching They make no ualms or apologies about the nature of sex between two men or between two women They explore courtship and contact between same gender partners with humor hes. Don t Tell Anyone Literary Smut by Ian Rosales Casocot and Shakira Sison is a short story collection with 12 erotic stories with characters in the LGBTIA community This collection does not attempt to sugarcoat sex it does not pair sex with shame or discomfort By contrast it speaks about the reality of gay and lesbian sex unapologetically