Amnesty by Aravind Adiga

Amnesty by Aravind AdigaEnter for a chance to win one of 100 e-copies of this “urgent and significant book [that] speaks to our times” (The New York Times Book Review) from the bestselling, Man Booker Prize–winning author of The White Tiger and Selection Day. AMNESTY is also out in paperback on February 9!

Healthy Food Made Good by Kaja Pogačar

Healthy Food Made Good by Kaja PogačarJoin us in a new era of plant-based cooking where healthy, organic and fresh are synonyms for tasty, delicious and yummy food!

From quick breakfasts, stunning lunches and fresh salads to delicious desserts and refreshing drinks, this book contains 60 healthy recipes that you can prepare at home, are easy and simple to make and suitable for any occasion.

Kaja Pogačar is an admirer of life, traveling and the culinary arts. She successfully combines all three components in her cooking practice and has a holistic approach to life as well as to the culinary arts.

»When you surrender yourself completely, with love for what you do and your purpose, the most wonderful creations are born. Sharing them with you is what I love most.«

»Finally, here’s a useful plant-based cookbook for everyday cuisine!« - Bine Volčič | Chef and owner at Monstera bistro, a Michelin Plate and Michelin green star for Sustainable Gastronomy

The Shapewalker's Song by J.H. Tomen

The Shapewalker's Song by J.H. TomenEnter for a chance to win 3 signed copies of The Shapewalker's Song by JH Tomen.

As the train lines go in, most of the magic in Wellonai is being forgotten. Though the people still tell legends about the Shapewalkers, shapeshifting beings shrouded in mystery. When Sumi discovers that the magic may have run in her family, she sets out to use it to change her life. An uplifting, light-hearted fantasy, with love at its center.

The Light Through the Leaves by Glendy Vanderah

The Light Through the Leaves by Glendy VanderahGo on a powerful journey of forgiveness and healing with The Light Through the Leaves, a transcendent novel of love, loss, and self-discovery by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars.

One unbearable mistake at the edge of the forest.

In a moment of crisis, Ellis Abbey leaves her daughter, Viola, unattended—for just a few minutes. But when she returns, Viola is gone. A breaking point in an already fractured marriage, Viola’s abduction causes Ellis to disappear as well—into grief, guilt, and addiction. Convinced she can only do more harm to her family, Ellis leaves her husband and young sons, burying her desperate ache for her children deeper with every step into the mountain wildernesses she treks alone.

In a remote area of Washington, a young girl named Raven keeps secrets inside, too. She must never speak to outsiders about how her mother makes miracles spring from the earth, or about her father, whose mysterious presence sometimes frightens her. Raven spends her days learning how to use her rare gifts—and more important, how to hide them. With each lesson comes a warning of what dangers lie in the world beyond her isolated haven. But despite her mother’s cautions, Raven finds herself longing for something more.

As Ellis and Raven each confront their powerful longings, their journeys will converge in unexpected and hopeful ways, pulled together by the forces of nature, love, and family.

Picnic in Someday Valley by Jodi Thomas

Picnic in Someday Valley by Jodi ThomasEnter for your chance to win a copy of PICNIC IN SOMEDAY VALLEY by Jodi Thomas!

Marcie Latimer longs to run away from Someday Valley--especially since her ex-boyfriend spun a web of lies that almost led to tragedy in neighboring Honey Creek. Little wonder so many locals have turned their backs on her. But not Brand Rodgers. The quiet cowboy comes to listen every time she sings at Bandit's Bar, offering a glimpse of safety and calm that Marcie's rarely known.

After Texas Ranger Colby McBride saved Honey Creek's mayor, Piper Mackenzie, from a fire, she claimed him with a kiss. That was five months ago, and Colby still isn't sure where they're headed. Piper loves her town--but does she love Colby? And is he even ready for what comes next?

Pecos Smith, Honey Creek's emergency dispatcher, is grateful to have a new bride he adores and a baby on the way--even if one vital piece of the puzzle is missing. But as trouble comes stalking through the valley, lives will cross surprising paths. And Marcie, who's always felt that a forever love was out of reach, might discover that Someday is the perfect place to find it...